Family Christian Church Coming to an End


This past Sunday, Laura and I announced to the congregation that Family Christian Church is coming to an end.
Laura and I as pastors, our overseers and our church elders were in complete agreement – it was time to begin the process of closing Family Christian Church. Because of our love for the people and the family bond that we share, delivering this news was one of the hardest things we’ve ever had to do. But the decision to do this wasn’t a hard one to make at all. In fact, what we feel is about to happen is something we’ve prepared for and prayed about for quite some time.
Because…we also announced that we are joining together with Pastors Jake and Kassi Baird as they launch Comeback City Church in September.


1. This is a GOD THING!
In time we’ll be able to share the whole story of the supernatural way God brought Pastors Jake and Kassi Baird into our lives. But for now, just know that God brought Jake and Kassi into our lives in a SUPERNATURAL WAY.
To be completely honest, the first time I saw that “Comeback City Church” was launching in OUR TOWN, with our vision, with our heart “Building a Church that builds a City”, with our process (Know God, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose, Make a Difference), and really cool design, website and social media presence…I was TICKED OFF – I’m keeping it Christian here. My initial (flesh) reaction was, “Great, more competition!”
Then God smacked some sense into me and quickly reminded me that our heart has ALWAYS been to bless other churches. We build up other pastors because we know what they are going through. And the most important thing, that if HE sent them here who am I to question His plan? Point taken. So, I met with Jake. And I let him know right off the bat that I didn’t like him, I didn’t like his church name, I didn’t like that he’s not from Detroit, aaaaand…that God told me to give him WHATEVER HE NEEDED to launch Comeback City Church.
I’ll spare you all the details and fast-forward to the part where three weeks ago we realized that what they needed most is what we had – an established congregation, people who had the same heart, vision, process and beliefs as they do, and the credibility and legacy that comes with more than 60 years of sowing into Downriver.
Conversely, they had what we had been praying for – the same vision, heart and culture, but with the experience of building a church and making a huge impact in their region. Pastors with both the heart and the head to bring the vision to fruition.
Chocolate meets peanut butter and heaven ensues.
2. We led our people as far as we could take them, but we know there is so much more in store
The people of Family Christian Church are some of the most faithful, loyal and loving Christians you’ll find on the face of the earth. They are a people with so much potential for greatness that has been nurtured and cultivated and are ready to be released into their destinies. We believe we’ve been in preparation for something far greater and joining Pastors Jake and Kassi as they launch Comeback City Church is what we’ve been in preparation for.
Laura and I would not have been able to make this decision if we weren’t 100% sure that there was a place for us ALL to go and pastors that we trust to lead our people into their destinies.
Jake and Kassi are us, only better. And that’s an AWESOME thing!
3. We’re setting an example of Kingdom culture
Family Christian Church, and Comeback City Church for that matter, doesn’t belong to a person or people. The Church (the people, property, assets) belongs to Christ. There is only one universal and eternal Kingdom of God of which we have been entrusted with a very small part. It is our belief that the biggest detriment to the Church fulfilling its purpose – to be a blessing to the world – isn’t sin, lack of resources, or lack of vision. The biggest thing holding the church back is DIVISION.
When God brings people with the same EVERYTHING as your church, who needs what you have and provides what you are lacking, to NOT join together would be unwise and may even border on sinful. Too often our pride, our history, our fighting over non-essential doctrinal matters keep us from coming together as the body of Christ. We wanted to set an example. If it just makes sense, and God says do it…Just Do It!
Alone we can just maintain. Together we can MULTIPLY!
John 12:24 reads, “Unless a seed goes into the ground and dies, it remains a single seed. But if it dies it produces much fruit.”
Sometimes something that is good has to end in order for something even better to rise up.


Laura and I believe in Pastors Jake and Kassi Baird and Comeback City Church. But it would be unfair of us to ask our congregation to go there just because we say so. We want everyone to hear Pastors Jake and Kassi’s heart, vision and plans for Comeback City Church so they can see if God is directing them to join us.
So, this Sunday, August 18 at Family Christian Church, Pastors Jake and Kassi will be holding a public interest meeting 15 minutes after service ends.
Everyone will have an opportunity to get to know them and learn more about Comeback City Church so you can prayerfully consider if this is the direction God is leading you.


Sunday, August 18 – Our regular church service at 10:30 am followed by a public interest meeting to learn more about Comeback City Church
Sunday August 25 – We’re doing what we do BEST! It’s a Family BBQ at Family Christian Church. ALL ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND as we celebrate together (Details will be forthcoming)
Throughout the month of September, our plan is to meet on Saturday evenings for prayer and a word of encouragement so each of you can visit other churches on Sunday morning until you find the place where God is leading you.


Laura and I love you all with everything we have in us. We realize that the days and weeks ahead will be difficult and emotional for us all. So, please know that Laura and I are going to be here for you, to pray with you, weep with you, laugh with you now and in the future. And you can count on this…no matter where our paths lead our bonds will never be broken. We are all one body, one blood and one church, even if we are worshipping in different locations. Both now and forever, WE ARE FAMILY.
Thank you for your love and support,
Pastors Eric & Laura Cedo